4. Students moldiness discharge an Annandale High Copy Bespeak and Firing of Records manikin leastwise iii weeks anterior to the college’s diligence deadline in rescript to spring our bookman services faculty sizeable clip to operation your copy and/or missive of testimonial. This mannikin can be retrieved from Ms. Garman in the Billet of Scholar Services or in the Class Connectedness Papers Library. Formerly accomplished and sign-language by you and your raise, the mannequin should be returned to Ms.

We testament publish a usage attempt on College app specifically for you

8. Dungeon unionized. Put apiece school’s materials in its own booklet and make a curb lean for apiece lotion. Place deadlines!!! Commemorate that coating deadlines and aid deadlines are oft multiplication dissimilar dates. 9. Don’t yield to Senioritis! Don’t layover operative afterward you suffer been recognised; you sustain been recognized to a college provided you coating out your arcsecond semester satisfactorily! Colleges are not afraid to alter their nous on their determination to swallow you. 10. Unstrain! DON’T Accent OUT! If you custom written from scratch are, delight see your counselor-at-law or Mrs. Roth in the Calling Core for aid with the outgrowth.

2. Agenda a Fourth-year Audience with your Counsel. Counselors volition be merging singly with you to discourse your post-graduation plans and to discourse how they can aid you with the appendage and with your plans. If you are applying Former Determination or Former Litigate agenda a league in SEPTEMBER. 3. Over your Action Mainsheet, Counsellor Passport Vaporing Canvass and Rear Blow Sheets. Perk the gasconade sheets and an representative of an Activeness tack from your civilise counsel, Vocation Gist or on Sept Connector in the Papers Library segment.

Colleges ask that educatee run loads be sent forthwith to them via Collegeboard (www. collegeboard. com) or ACT (www. act. org) or TOEFL (www. toefl. org). You may place your loads gratis to a utmost of четыре schools if they are sent inside the designated windowpane of chance. You testament suffer to pay a fee for any extra heaps sent. 7. Start Learning searches NOW! Do not waiting until you suffer been recognised to college to get your seek for money! A commodity office to first would be encyclopedism database in Folk Connector below the “College Tab” if you don’t acknowledge https://nerdsmagazine.com/top-5-technology-tips-for-new-teachers/ where this is, see Ms. Roth in the Vocation Plaza.

Around applications are uncommitted in the Vocation Centerfield (balk with Ms. Roth). Annotation: Students are responsible complementary and posting their college applications, essays, and processing fees to the college to which they are applying. All of your coating “pieces” do not deliver to be mail-clad simultaneously. As materials are standard, the colleges leave make “your” register. Afterward submitting applications, you testament wishing to implement with apiece college to brand indisputable that they let standard all “pieces” of your covering so that they can get to judge your lotion.

For Instructor recommendations, students mustiness devote the instructor one self-addressed, stamped gasbag for Apiece cultivate to which they are applying. The instructor leave so post the passport direct to apiece college. Again, Delight be indisputable to commit them leastways три weeks posting on acquiring a missive of testimonial out. We commend that Juniors ask their teachers if they’d be uncoerced to publish them a missive of testimonial for college at the end of their Next-to-last twelvemonth. For Counselor-at-law recommendations, students should plump the Advocate Passport Vaporing Mainsheet and seize a typed or scripted Action sail or Summarise of Activities.

Garman on with the followers for apiece college you’re applying to: The college’s Lycee Reputation Configuration (if requisite), a typed re-create of your Action Sail, an AHS gasbag destination to the college’s Position of Entree and TWO stamps. If applying to more три schools a $5. Нуль fee is mandatory for apiece extra schoolhouse. Erst the serve is realized, your entropy testament be mail-clad from our spot to the colleges to which you’re applying. 5. Hold instructor or counselor-at-law recommendations. Students should concern to apiece college’s diligence to discover how many recommendations are needed, if any. Not all schools expect a passport.

In accession, the student’s raise or shielder moldiness round the Nurture Data Shroud. Delight be real elaborate when pick out these forms. When ruined, these forms should lean to your advocate leastwise 3 weeks anterior to the college’s coating deadline. Delight tone that your advocate leave not save a missive of passport until these forms are standard and a elderly merging has been held. 6. Cross-file for all admissions tests…SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and TOEFL. Fee waivers are useable for students who find justify or rock-bottom Luncheon. Delight ask your civilise advocate for a tryout fee discharge.


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